Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beer Tasting in Taranaki!

While most people think of the visual senses (landscapes) when it comes to New Zealand, there is plenty to entrance the other senses as well: songs of odd birds and the crashing of waves (hearing), wild flowers or hot pools (smell), texture of boulders or sand through your feet or grass under your feet (feel) and last but not least: food and drink (taste)! There is some excellent cuisine to be had in many restaurants and caf├ęs around the country, but the most interesting way to tempt your taste buds is by visiting the small wineries or breweries and see where the wine/beer your enjoying is being grown and talk to the people involved in it!

When I was here 3 years ago we stopped at Rimu Grove winery in the Nelson region and ended up buying several bottles of the delectable red and white wines we tasted. 

This time it was an organic brewery that crossed our path, so my sister and I pulled into their driveway and decided to try Mike's Premium Organic Beers (from left to right: dark mild Ale, malty Lager, Bohemian Pilsner and the hoppy Double India Pale Ale, with a glass of cider as a bonus -clicking on the names takes you to their tasting notes-):

Here's the result of that tasting:

Oh, perhaps I should have told you that I HATE beer? lol!!! So don't judge them by my faces (full screen is even scarier)... my sister said they were fabulous, particularly the ales! All I can say is: thank God there was a delicious light apple cider to wash it down with! ;o)

And as a bonus, here's what I thought of their blue cheese:


  1. Such a shame you hate beer! This looks like great fun (I tasted wine in France once, but have never been to a beer tasting, will have to seek one out!)
    (By the way, I have one or two guest posts on walking on Cader ready if you want them :) )

  2. Yuck! Beer that tastes like beer? How disgusting! ROFL You are hilarious.

  3. ah yes... Cris and beer... my friends still don't get this hate-hate relationship of mine! :p (the damn stuff is so BITTER, UGH!)

  4. lol! It was a fun experience though! :p


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