Sunday, January 10, 2016

Enjoying "The Magic of Advent in Vienna" at the Christkindlmarkt in the Rathausplatz

The last "Christmassy" post from Vienna is dedicated to the city's main Christmas market: the Christkindlmarkt in the Rathausplatz (in front of City Hall), celebrating its 30th anniversary.


I had been told this stop was a "must" during Advent, and had been looking forward to it all day! But waited on purpose until dusk as the Christmas markets are at their best when the sky darkens and you can appreciate the lights all the more. Plus evening means dinner so perfect excuse to have a bratwürst and glühwein! :p

So, all aboard the Christkindl Express and let's dive in! ;o)

This is the biggest market in the city, with around 150 booths to explore, and plenty of space for people to mill around.

The stunning Neo-Gothic Rathaus (city hall) stands behind it, adding an air of grandeur and joining in the beauty of the lights at night when it's all lit up! I'll have to visit the inside on some future trip. ;o)

And just in front, the magnificent 28 meter tall spruce Christmas tree, a yearly gift to the city of Vienna from the Tyrol!

A few shots of people enjoying the market...

Plenty to see here! From traditional glasswork decorations and gifts,

to adorable handmade plush toys...

or more modern knit hats!

As evening settles in, the place is more crowded than ever!

And the Rathaus is truly gorgeous in this light!

Can you tell I was happy to be there?! :p

In the park surrounding the market, there were plenty of artistically set up light montages to enjoy. From Advent candles:

To icicle archways:

Or funkily lit up trees!

Of course I can't leave out a look at the Glühwein mug from this market! Heart-shaped (but not so noticeable in these pix), a reminder of how much I loved this place! :o)

The market wishes everyone a Frohe Weihnachten, or Merry Christmas! :o)

Our Christmas visit in Vienna is over, it's on to Germany next! Berlin, Mainz and Heidelberg await. And then hopefully back to Vienna to explore the Hofburg (time and my crazy schedule allowing). :o)


  1. Heavenly pictures from a heavenly time of year. I love it here in Germany as well!!

    1. Germany in Advent is wonderful as well!!! I have a few draft posts almost completed, but will reserve them for next winter to be more "in season" ;o)

  2. Beautiful pictures! We've booked a trip to vienna this year in winter. But I'm not shure if I also should book a airport taxi ( or we ride in the city by train... I hope that we've also the time to visit the wonderful Christkindlmarkt!

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment!
      No need for a taxi! There's the train and buses. Plenty efficient, they make good time, and are a lot cheaper! If there are 3-4 of you then maybe a taxi would be ok.
      If you're there in December you MUST visit some of the markets!!! At the very least this one in the Rauthausplatz! :o)

  3. Hello i'm new here and i really enjoying your blog. Every picture on your blog is very beautiful, I love it :)

    1. Sorry to be answering a year later... but THANKS! Glad you enjoy it. :)


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