Saturday, April 14, 2018

Such a long silence...

Has it really been 19 months since my last post? And that was just supposed to be the start of another series on Christmas markets... ahhh!

It's the usual, too much work and not enough time or energy when I get home. In a sense I'm my own worst enemy because I take too many photos while traveling and don't have the time to sort through them and edit them and I won't write a post about a place without including photos! Ufff

And work has had me traveling oh so much! In a few weeks I'll have been in this job for 4 years, and by my count it's taken to me about 24 brand new countries (and a few repeats). And it's not really going to slow down! Won't be adding many new countries in the near future (just 3 this year, then none that I can see on the horizon), but will have plenty of repeat trips to Southeast Asia. Between 8-10 to Vietnam alone! I hope to become very well acquainted with that country.

Will try to get my act together and WRITE! For now, I've at least updated the "Where I've been" page above! 😛


  1. Love keeping up with all your adventures!

    1. Happy you enjoy them! Wish I could dig up the energy to do a better job at sharing them... :p

  2. I always love reading your posts. Do you ever geocache in any of these countries?

  3. Sadly no. Since Groundspeak closed down the original Geocaching app and set up the new one I haven't done much. I don't like the interface, with a free account you can only see a limited number of caches, and there's no option for offline searching (with the old one you could "save" the cache to search offline, so was able to do things while traveling in countries where I can't use data roaming due tot he cost). I paid for a Premium account for a while, but again the new app annoyed me so much, and I don't have much time to go geocaching, that the cost wasn't worth it so I cancelled it.
    If I remember while in Europe (free roaming as of June last year) I check it out and maybe go search for one, but outside of Europe I can't pay for data roaming so nothing... :(

  4. I understand and empathise completely, as you will from my response to your recent comment on my own blog! Are you an Instagrammer as would love to follow your travels there if you are.


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