Monday, October 1, 2018

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. and finally 7 continents!

It only took me 42 years but... I've finally set foot on every continent!!!

Map by Duolingo

See below (in order of first setting foot on the continent in question), I think it's pretty clear when I was living in each...

Sunday, September 16, 2018

41 years later... return to Panama!

Panama. The narrow country connecting the North and South American continents. Where you can have breakfast in the big city overlooking the Pacific, and lunch on tranquil the shores of the Atlantic.

Looking over the Panama City high-rises to the Pacific Ocean over breakfast...

...Gazing out across Caribbean waters (Atlantic Ocean) during lunch.

Panama. The isthmus separating the Atlantic Ocean to its north, from the Pacific Ocean to its south.

Dipping toes in the Atlantic (Caribbean) on the northern coast...

...Dipping toes in the Pacific on the southern coast of Panama.

A country whose history is closely linked to both of my parents' home countries: España & USA. And where my parents lived for almost 2 years, way back when.

 (both images from

For the past 4 and a half years now, my job has literally had me crisscrossing the globe: East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe... but no luck with the Americas, until September 2017 and a conference in Panama. My first time back in the country in almost 41 years!!!

What's the big deal with "41 years"?!

Well... let's put it this way. How often does a "foreign service brat" get to go back to the place they were born? Unless that place has something to do with their family's origins... not often! People often ask me where I'm from, and when they say it as "where was I born" they're always surprised when I say Panama! And yes, having been born there, according to the country's rules, I'm officially a Panamanian! Trust me, the immigration lady at the airport pointed that out to me LOUD and clear as she chewed me out for being in the "foreigners" queue instead of the Panamanian one, despite the fact that I was entering the country with a non-Panamanian passport (since that one expired a while back... baby photos aren't good forever!, and it's bloody complicated to get a new one outside of the country!) A Panamanian who sadly is completely unfamiliar with the country of her birth, with no memories of it other than parental tales of a horrible climate (very hot & humid) and giant flying cockroaches. 😝

Somos Panameñas! 😎

So you can bet I was pretty damn excited to be given the opportunity to discover the land of my birth, and although all I had was a half-day post-flight/pre-meetings and a weekend post-Conference, be sure I made the most of it (thanks to a long-time family friend who returned to retire there. Gracias Robert!!!). 😎

I managed to take in a few highly interesting places, so I have quite a bit to write about, but this will simply be the introductory post to the trip. I'll update it with links to posts as they get written, but not sure if that will be this week, month or year (I have 6 work & 2 personal trips between now and the new year!), so enjoy this teaser and check back for more from time to time!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Such a long silence...

Has it really been 19 months since my last post? And that was just supposed to be the start of another series on Christmas markets... ahhh!

It's the usual, too much work and not enough time or energy when I get home. In a sense I'm my own worst enemy because I take too many photos while traveling and don't have the time to sort through them and edit them and I won't write a post about a place without including photos! Ufff

And work has had me traveling oh so much! In a few weeks I'll have been in this job for 4 years, and by my count it's taken to me about 24 brand new countries (and a few repeats). And it's not really going to slow down! Won't be adding many new countries in the near future (just 3 this year, then none that I can see on the horizon), but will have plenty of repeat trips to Southeast Asia. Between 8-10 to Vietnam alone! I hope to become very well acquainted with that country.

Will try to get my act together and WRITE! For now, I've at least updated the "Where I've been" page above! 😛