After having lived in Belgium for over 8 years between 1999-2007, followed by a two more 3-4 month stays in 2009 and 2010, you might imagine I know this small country pretty well... but it is a little jewel with hidden riches and even I couldn't find the time to dig through them all! I did discover there's more to it than beer (hundreds!) and chocolate (exquisite!) and moules-frites a.k.a. mussels and fries (not French, invented in Belgium!) and Tintin and bad weather (although there is sadly a lot of that)... which is a good thing since I intensely dislike beer and mussles! :p

Here are some links to the tales I can tell about this country that has so much more to offer than just the usual tourist stops of Brussels and Bruges!

*work in progress*
  • General information:

  • Tales from living in Liège:

  • Exploring the multi-lingual capital, Bruxelles: