European countries other than Spain and Belgium
*work in progress*
    • LONDON is a city that is best discovered over several visits (so far I'm at 9!) so as not to get overwhelmed. So much to see and do! 
    • COLCHESTER, admire a Norman keep with Roman foundations in England's oldest city!
    • MANCHESTER, quick visit to the Christmas Markets. 🎄
    • BERLIN (coming soon)
    • AACHEN (or Aix La Chapelle, or Aquisgrán), Emperor Charlemagne's capital back in 800 AD, home of a gorgeous Cathedral and host to a marvellous Christmas Market!
    • HEIDELBERG (coming soon)
    • KÖLN or Cologne, famous for its impressive Cathedral, at the base of which one of its 7(!) Christmas Markets takes place.
    • MAINZ (coming soon)
    • BASEL: one intensive, short weekend!