I'm not sure I'd call myself a traveller, but I've travelled a lot.

Who am I and where do I come from? 

Good question, no simple answer. 

I'm a mongrel. Don't really feel like I'm from anywhere in particular. Born in Panama of a Spanish mother, an American (as in U.S. of A.) father, with a Canadian grandmother of Irish descent. Raised all over the world (i.e. U.S., Saudi Arabia, Mexico...), the result of a French educational system, a Spanish university and a Belgian Postgraduate program which sent me to the Antarctic to study plankton in summer coastal waters.

I'm a zany green-eyed redhead, so once upon I time I might have been burnt at the stake as a witch. Beware of gingers! Particularly those with the highly volatile mix of Celtic and Latin tempers! :p

I'm a marine biologist, a traveller, a scuba diver, a movie/TV addict, a bookworm, a singer, a teacher, a translator, a friend.

I've got my priorities straight: family, friends and health. Anything else comes second.

I'm happiest underwater, in the water or on the water. 

Unless I'm in a forest. Or on the top of a mountain. 

Or in a Gothic Cathedral. Or in a Castle. 

Or dancing. Or surrounded by the people I love.

I've got ants in my pants and am not 100% sure I'll ever be able to settle down comfortably in just one place. Have friends and family spread across the globe and I wish I could spend my life criss-crossing the globe to visit them. Am waiting for the U.N. to hand out passports for citizens of Planet Earth!


  1. Can't believe I didn't follow this blog! Loving what you've done with the tabs. I'll be exploring here often.

  2. I know I am going to love your blog and will visit often. I think we may have been sisters in another life, except you would be my much younger and much smarter sister. I love your sense of adventure and love of travel. I am going to enjoy reading about your adventures and I am jealous already....

  3. What an amazing blog! I hope you don't mind to have me as a follower :) I love reading traveling blog, feel like I have traveled with the blogger too ;)

  4. The more the merrier Bay! I'm delighted you've joined in the fun! I just hope I can find my way back to regular writing so I can share more travel stories with you soon...

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it Freya! It's nice to meet you too! :o)

  6. you were in oceanology lab of ULg in 2000-2001 didn't you?
    I made my "memoire" there

    1. Yes, I was doing my DEA d'Océanologie and the memoir at the Labo d'Océano in 2000-2001! :)


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