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Welcome to my attempt to chronicle my adventures (past-present-future) around the Globe!

"What's that? Another Travel Blog you say?"

Well, I hope this one feels a bit different! I love travelling and used to write long e-mails to my friends and family while I was on a particularly original trip (and for the most part they really enjoy them). I've often been asked to share tales of my travels, so I figured it was about time I put digital pen to digital paper! My objective is to share my travel adventures as they take place, and when I'm snug at home looking out at the Mediterranean then I'll invite you to join in on trips down memory lane to some of the fabulous (and crazy) places I've been. To tempt you to stick around for a while... at some point I'll tell tales of penguins and icebergs and hanging out with seals and living aboard a ship and a base in Antarctica. ;o)

I'll document myself as much as possible about the places I share with you to give you some general background info, but at the same time I'll try to avoid sounding like a tour guide! Sometimes you'll find me in highly touristic destinations. Other times you'll have to pull out a map to find places you've maybe never heard of. Big cities, small towns. Up on mountains, down on the coast, lost in a forest. Tales of people, places, animals and plants. Daily life and crazy local holidays. Touristy things, and adventures with the "locals". Most of my travelling of late has been visiting family and friends I have scattered around the Globe. It's always wonderful to catch up after years apart, and you never enjoy a place so much as when you visit it with someone who lives there!

I hope you enjoy my tales, and please stop by and share your thoughts in the comments!  The inaugural tale can be found here. If you come across posts dated before Oct 7th 2010 (inaugural post) then they've been imported (and sometimes edited) from my other blog. I figured "Why tell the same tale twice?", and since I don't usually revisit monuments already visited (places, yes), I wouldn't want you to miss out on the original tale!

If you plan to go to one of these places and have any questions I can maybe help you with then don't hesitate to ask! :o)

And please let me know you've stopped by and what you thought about the things you've read by leaving a comment here or there!

CrazyCris, Globetrotter extraordinaire

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