Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kiwi Bites! vol.2

Argh!!! Blogging problems… travelling with a “local” (i.e. my sister and friends) means staying in all the good spots, off the beaten track… but with no internet access! Add to that exhaustion at the end of the day and socialising (i.e. hang out with people and not glue yourself to a computer and completely ignore everyone else) means I’ve been behind in my blogging about this trip pretty much since Day 1! Sorry ‘bout that. But I’ve been making little notations in a notebook I carry on me, and whenever possible copy them out onto a Word doc and choose the photos in iPhoto so that when I do have internet time I can spew out (hopefully) interesting blog posts about this adventure! And I’m “back-dating” them to the date I would have written them if I could, so don’t be surprised to see posts appearing dated before this one. Namely posts on the Tongariro Crossing, Mt Taranaki, the Forgotten World, Veil Falls, beer tasting, surfers in Raglan or Cathedral Cove in Coromandel.

As of tomorrow I’ll be travelling on my own which means nobody to hang out with (sniff!!!) so more time for the blog. I’ll try whenever I connect to post something recent and something “late”.

Kiwi English:
  • Tea towel -> dish towel
  • Slips are rock falls or land slides on the road

  • A Dairy is a small convenience or grocery store

Random shot from the road:

sheep in a quarry!


  1. Well, I finally caught up with you! Even alone, it looks like you're having a fabulous time. There are some trips I like to do by myself, you know, the whole communing with nature thing.

    The photos from your dives are A M A Z I N G! Oh, and the photo of that beach? Yea, I'd like to spend the day there.

    NIce vacation, when do you head back to Spain?

  2. Yup, a fabulous time indeed! I'm only alone here on the South Island. Although I kind of hooked up with a couple of people on the bus yesterday who decided to also stay in Dunedin so we'll be doing things together for a couple of days... makes for a pleasant change!
    But you're right, communing with nature is best done alone, and it felt wonderful in the birding paradise that is Ulva Island! I wish I just had better internet access to write about it... Will try to get a few more posts out while here in Dunedin... my backpackers' wifi doesn't work, but there's free wifi at the Octagon, the main plaza! :o)

  3. Oh yeah, I head back to Europe on the 25th... but am "stuck" 2 days in Paris 'cause the airline I'm flying from Paris to Alicante cancelled their Tuesday flights and switched me to the Thursday one. Thankfully I have friends in Paris... but no winter clothes!!! :p


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