Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the road again!

My oh my... only 3 weeks after getting home from New Zealand... and I'm out again!!! :p

I guess I can't keep still! ;o)

Not my fault this time! Well, not completely my fault... I mean, who could resist the chance to go the Athens for a weekend for a big crazy Greek wedding? Not me, that's for sure! :D

Not only is a good friend of mine getting married, who happens to be the only member of the Orthodox religion I know (so big cultural experience); not only are most of my absolutely wonderful and crazy friends from Belgium (mixed group of Belgians, Spaniards, Portuguese and French) joining in the celebration... but I've been dreaming of visiting the cradle of western civilization that is Greece, and the birthplace of democracy that is Athens for over 20 years now!!! Ouch! I just scared myself with that sentence. Am I really old enough to have wanted something for over 20 years???...  :s

Anyhow, I was absolutely NUTS about Greek mythology towards the end of primary school and the beginning of secondary. I did this amazing (in my humble opinion... confirmed by the prof) presentation on the Greek gods for history class, I knew most Greek myths backwards and forwards (and disdained the Roman versions as cheap rip-offs, lol!), and I wanted to learn Ancient Greek (but had to make do with Latin since there wasn't a Greek teacher in my school).

So here I am, FINALLY! In Athens. I can't afford (either money-wise or time after the NZ trip) to stick around much, but I did give myself an extra day and a half before the wedding fun to at least take myself to the Acropolis... can't wait!!! :o)

- * - * - * -

I know I've been silent for a looooong time! Really bad internet connexion and little time to spend on the computer while I was in the South Island of New Zealand meant that posts kept piling up, as well as photo and video editing. I found myself swamped with things I wanted to do and got overwhelmed and so shut myself down! It happens to the best of us, and I am far from being the best... But I'm getting back into those posts. They'll appear gradually as soon as I can get each one done (I've got the skeleton of most of them) and will be back-dated to when I was supposed to originally post them. My bad! :s


  1. Greece? Very cool, they have such gorgeous beaches there! Have fun!

  2. I hear the beaches are gorgeous... but it's too cold!!! On the other hand cool weather is perfect for archaeology and hours of dancing! ;o)


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