Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Busy, busy, busy Cris.
She wants to write... but can't seem to find the time.
And when the time does come... then inspiration stays away!

I have so many half-prepped posts, it's depressing! Some (mostly kiwi stuff) are just missing the photos, others a video... but I don't have time to go through hundreds of pics and select and edit the ones I need! And as for video editing... aïe aïe aïe!!! Talk about time consuming! Then there are the others (Athens), which are basically iphoto albums waiting for me to find the right words to weave them together... but my Muse has been avoiding me lately and I can't seem to write. Plus there's research that needs to be done for links, and data and... damn!

Slow but sure, as the tortoise proved to the hare. I'm slowly getting around to them (got a kiwi one out yesterday -backdated to the original writing date-), while trying to keep up with recent activity.

So, what's coming up around here? Well for starters something I'm really excited about: my first guest blogger!!! She's going to share her adventures of wandering around the gorgeous slopes of Cadair Idris in Wales in all kinds of weather, admiring the sheep and the trees and the sheep and the hills and did I mention the sheep? ;o)  I had such fun reading what she sent me (and drooling over some of the pics) that it sent me down memory lane and I'm pulling photos out of my treasure chest from my trip to northern Wales in 2005. Let's contrast hiking up Cadair Idris with hiking up Snowdon! (and then if I can find some more time I might lose myelf in some Welsh castles... loved those!) 

After that it's back to catching up with the backlog of posts about Athens and New Zealand, all backdated to when they should have been published. Once those are done... who knows? Perhaps dipping into Belgium a bit. Perhaps something else. In the meantime I'll also try and keep up with any exploring I might do in the present. Anyone fancy a week at Saint Cyprien in southern France in May? Or talking about Easter traditions here in Spain (what with Holy Week starting in a few days)?


  1. Can I put in a vote for Easter traditions?! (I'm feeling miffed coz I couldn't go to church on Ash Wednesdau, because I was at a colloquium, and I can't go on Palm Sunday, because I'll be at a conference. Sigh!).

  2. Holy Week it is then! I don't know if I'll be able to get out to any of the processions this year, but I've got plenty of accumulated material that I didn't have time to process from last year! ;o)

    Have fun at the conference! (on Sunday?!?!?!)


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