Saturday, January 19, 2013

Greece or Granada?

Has it really been 3+ months since I last wrote here?! Where has the time gone? It just flies by... To be sure they were very busy months. Work, job hunting, helping my parents out for a time with some serious health issues (my dad had triple bypass surgery), the holidays (Christmas and New Years are always for me, but this year more so as we had extra special visitors in town!)... not to mention my regular (non-travelling) blog and the new blog I started last summer about King Arthur, Robin Hood and other heroes of my youth (and their portrayal in different books and movies). With the BBC series Merlin on every week that gave me quite a bit of work to do! :p

I promise to start blogging here again asap (Merlin's over *sob*, can give the other blog a small break for a while). But I've got a conundrum! Should I continue with my Greek sailing tales? Or should I interrupt them with tales of the Alhambra? And the rest of Granada and the Renaissance castle of Calahorra. Yup! I've been on the road again! We had a family New Year's celebration in Granada!

I think Greece would be another 5-6 posts, and Granada not sure... I might cut up the Alhambra into several posts so they aren't too overwhelming, and I'd mix in with tales and photos from my previous visit 7 years ago (I've only been to Granada 5 or 6 times!).

So I ask those of you reading this: which should I do first - Greek sailing or Granada? 

Oh! And in March I'm going to Santander (capital of the community of Cantabria in the north of Spain) for a wedding. It will just be 2 days, 1 full-on wedding, so very little to share... but I will be blogging about it as well! I definitely need to finish off Greece or Granada before then...


  1. All of it! I have not been to Spain yet, but I am interested in learning about Alhambra. I do hope your father is doing well and had a lovely Christmas. What is your other blog for Merlin? I LOVE British tv and would love to read your thoughts! Glad to see you are back! Ha!

    1. lol! ALL of it will be featured! The question is what to start with! ;o)

      If you click on the link above (King Arthur) it will take you to my new blog. The BBC Merlin posts are only on season 5 so far. I didn't have time to rewatch the first 4 seasons when I started the blog (although that was my original intention and one of the reasons I waited so long to start blogging... but a busy summer and a choice to watch Stargate first got in the way of rewatching Merlin). I'll go back to the first 4 seasons of Merlin next summer. Just pop in the dvds and enjoy! Will give me an excuse to check out all the bonuses as well! :p

    2. And my father is doing fabulous, thanks! The doctors said since he was so "young" (65!) and in such good shape (tennis once a week) it all went really well. He should start playing tennis again any day now...

  2. Cris, thank you for all the kind comments you wrote on my blog! I was so happy reading through them :-)

    Sometimes I wonder if people do enjoy reading my blog and it's great hearing that someone does! Thanks again and I hope to be able to read more of your journeys!

    Ps. I've never been to either Greece or Grenada but I would have to say Greece first!

  3. I'm your latest follower so I can hear all about your travels!!

  4. Good idea... I don't like setting aside either project and since I've gotten votes for both this is probably what I'll do! ;o)


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