Sunday, December 26, 2010

Haere-mai Aotearoa!

Or in other words:


Welcome to a land proud of its Maori heritage.

To a land of magnificent beaches,
Karekare beach

thermal waters,

thermal pools in Rotorua

luscious vegetation,

Waikato River

amazing geological formations,
Pancake Rocks in Punaikiki

mountains and glaciers.
Franz Josef Glacier

To a land with more sheep than people!

Merino sheep = warm and soft sweaters!

To a land where you can do all sorts of outdoors sports…

in Abel Tasman National Park

Oh yeah, and welcome to Middle Earth! ;o)

(can you guess what regions in the movies those landscapes were used for?)

Want to hang out with me around here for the next month? :o)

(all those pics are from my previous visit here 3 years ago, I'll probably be blending in both trips whenever I have the time)

Bonus movie question: any idea what movie was filmed on that black sand beach above (Karekare)?

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