Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kiwi Bites! vol.1

Random kiwi thoughts:
  • So much for the stereotype, I was here for a whole week before seeing a single sheep (today)! Saw lots of these instead:

             Including road warning signs:

  • Kiwis drive like madmen!!! And on 2-lane roads where in most places a reasonable speed limit would be 80 km/h - tops!-, but here the speed limit can be 100 kph... and you still get drivers speeding past you!

curves in deadly Dome Valley

  • Oh, and apparently you also have to watch out for strange things on the roads here, lol!:

Kiwi English:
  • flip-flops are called jandals

  • mosquitos are mozzies

  • a bach (pronounced batch) is like a second (holiday) residence... traditionally just a roof over a place to sleep and cook, sometimes without running water or electricity etc., but can be a fully equipped place as well.
More Kiwi English in future Kiwi Bites! For Americans, I've come across a blog chronicling a Round the World Trip with an interesting post on US vs Kiwi English. ;o)


  1. I've never heard of the other two, but my Mum calls mosquitoes mozzies as well - she'd from Northern Ireland (they have lots of idiosyncratic sayings there, like 'I'm going to run a message' when you need to buy something from the shop).

  2. that's a funny coincidence Juliette! I'd never heard the term before... perhaps an Irish import? I know a lot of local terms are Scottish adaptations... hmmm...

  3. LOL... My FIL is from the coal-mining area of Eastern Kentucky. He has weird names for everything!

    What do you call the thing used to ease your shoe over your heel? I've never heard it called anything but a shoehorn. FIL calls it a slipper spoon! Maybe I should write a dictionary with all his terms.

  4. slipper spoon?!?!?!
    if he's got more like that you should definitely put together a dictionary Lily!!! :o)


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