Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Markets: Maastricht and Koln

I had planned on finishing the Christmas market series with Aachen... but then I felt bad for these two orphaned markets! I can't write an individual post about each because I have very few photos of them, don't remember the one in Köln (or Cologne) very well, and well, the Maastricht one isn't really worth writing home about! But then I figured I might as well wrap things up, and if I ever get back to Köln someday in a month of December then I'll just write another more complete post. ;o)

Let's start with the Köln Christmas Market, of which in fact there are at least 7 (4 big ones) in different spots around the city! Both times I went, in 2000 and 2005 (these photos, can't find the prints from 2000, must be in a box still!)

Glühwein mugs from Köln's Christmas Market

I think I only visited the market surrounding Köln's  impressive Cathedral, which has been set up there since 1995 (more data here)

Köln Cathedral (or Dom) seen from a bridge crossing the Rhine

Cathedral above the Market

The Christmas Market at the Cathedral boasts having the largest Christmas Tree in Rhineland.

I don't remember much, except it being very cold, so the glühwein was particularly appreciated that year! And there were some beautiful crafts on sale in the little wooden chalets. I definitely need to go back some day and visit it properly! ;o)

Snowing at the Christmas Market in Köln

As for the Maastricht Christmas market, well, as I implied above, I wasn't impressed! Located in the large plaza behind the Cathedral, the ambiance didn't feel quite right, and there really wasn't much worth seeing... both the friend I went with and myself were disappointed with it (at least it was close to Liège, just a 20' drive, and it's always nice to get out of town for a few hours).

Visiting Winterlant in Maastricht

But the glühwein wasn't bad! ;o)

ignore the face, that was my first and only mug! :p

And that's it for this season's Christmas posts! I've completed the tour of Christmas markets I've visited (well, except for the one in Nancy, France, which was so unimpressive I don't have any photos of it!). I'd really like to make it back to Köln someday for a proper visit (both of the markets and the city), as well as visit the Christmas markets in Trier and Nürnberg and Strasbourg which are supposed to be some of the best!


  1. Each is an adventure and look at how many cool places you've gotten to visit! They really look like a fun experience.

  2. Thanks for writing about these markets. It was good to read about them (I never knew they existed until now!) so it's always educational even if they weren't overly enjoyable at the time. :)

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed them! The Christmas markets are always fun to visit, unless you have a big problem with crowds... ;o)

  4. I'm going to Koln next week - thank you for the taster of the Cathedral, which is first thing on my list to try to squeeze in around the conference!


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